Auer Consulting is a highly competent strategy consultant. We provide a systemic approach to customer-oriented solutions. We make companies even more successful!




We are experts in the fields of projects, processes and changes. We have mastered the management tools in theory and practice. We develop the methodological expertise together with our customers.


The number, complexity and importance of projects are clearly increasing. Thus, projects to be set up in a suitable way and to be finalized successfully in time and to the planned budget are becoming key success factors. The management of complex projects is one of the core competencies of Auer Consulting.




The mutual relation is critical in terms of the success of a consulting project - we care for an open and constructive work environment supported by mutual respect, appreciation and commitment. On the basis of this partnership core values like confidence and team spirit are able to grow. We work with the entire organization.




Each organization is unique. We take the time to get to know and understand each customer and organization well. We learn from each customer and thus can support them in an individual way.


Personal coaching supports our work. Coaching opens up new perspectives, triggers self-reflections, strengthens personal skills and ultimately leads to the development of proper strategies. In our work based upon the systematic approach we consider that changes in the social environment such as work or family have a major impact on the behaviour and life circumstances of an individual.




Successful consulting does not result only from sound analysis or customized strategy development. It is also important to implement the strategy. Focus on implementation and sustainable solutions are therefore essential criteria. We measure ourselves by our results. Our expertise in implementation helps us during the analysis and strategy development. We look for solid solutions.