Effective marketing requires a deep understanding of customers' needs as well as the ability to create a clear and concise positioning.


Digitalization, for example, has fundamentally changed consumers' shopping behavior. While the customer previously designed their purchase decision process linearly and with only few customer touch points, the customer journey is now more complex than ever before. Customer needs and customer satisfaction are the absolute focus. This creates numerous new business models.


Cross channel management has developed into a key success factor in retail. This generates competitive advantages that allow clear differentiation and positioning and significantly increase the company's profitability.


Our services in marketing are:

  • Portfolio and competitive analysis
  • Strategic marketing planning process
  • Individual market entry strategies for products and regions
  • Identification and development of new growth potential
  • Brand Management
  • Cross Channel Management

With years of experience, we develop a focused and customized sales strategy. So we increase the productivity of your sales management and thus your competitiveness.


Our services in sales are:

  • Training and coaching of sales staff
  • Control of the distribution system
  • Optimization of customer acquisition, customer retention and customer development
  • Sales controlling