Markets are subject to constant change; the requirements for successful market cultivation are becoming more diverse and complex. The company must constantly develop its competencies. Leadership, strategy and management must be linked.


In our consulting projects we look for solutions that will lead you to a strong competitive position. Together, we develop a customized corporate vision and mission statement. Based on this, the strategy will be developed which ensures sustainable differentiation and precise positioning for a unique position in the market. We consider all relevant aspects of your business and make statements to core competencies, business areas, competitive advantages, value chain and strategic objectives.


We proceed structured with established management tools:

  • Understand the current business model including strategic success factors
  • Analysis of the life cycle of products / services
  • Capture of the complexity of the business in terms of corporate environment, competition, employees and existing resources
  • Develop a vision and a mission statement
  • Development of a corporate strategy including growth, portfolio, competitive advantages and value chain systems
  • Operationalization and monitoring of the strategy implementation

 Our consulting services are:

  • Corporate or business unit strategies
  • Corporate planning, creation of business plans
  • Business organization
  • Market and customer segmentation
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Development of new strategic business areas
  • Increase in efficiency and profit
  • Business advice in special situations such as company formation, transfer, and restructuring