What kind of benefits does the product or service have?

Who is the target audience?

At which stage of the life cycle is your portfolio?

How do you find the proper customers and how can you bind them the long term?


These are classic questions when creating a marketing concept. Effective marketing requires a deep understanding of customers' needs and the ability to create a clear and concise positioning. The life cycle is subject to constant change. If you do not change the portfolio in time or if you do not align to the changing needs of customers, the potential will remain non-realised.


Our services in marketing are

  • Portfolio and potential analysis
  • Strategic marketing planning process
  • Market entry strategies for products and regions
  • Identification and development of new growth potential
  • Brand Management
  • Cross Channel Marketing
  • Efficient Communication Management

Markets are getting more dynamic and complex. With years of experience, we develop a focused sales strategy which is as well-adapted to the respective customer needs. So we increase the productivity of your sales management and thus your competitiveness.


Our services in sales are

  • Quality of marketing
  • Control of the distribution system
  • Efficiency of the sales processes
  • Sales Controlling